Blog: Sisyphos in Berlin

november 21, 2018 MatthTunes 1 comment

Sisyphos is one of the main techno music clubs in Berlin. Last weekend, I visited this club on Friday night. I had a great time with the music and athmosphere. So on Saturday, I went again. Sisyphos is located on a road with industry in the east part of Berlin. The surrounding is deserted by night. A taxi took me there on a cold and dark autumn night. People waiting at the entry told me that many techno lovers from Berlin go to Sisyphos. Tourists are not allowed in if they come for the wrong reasons. Inside the club I found a campfire in the outer place. Inside three places for dancing. A large big factory with grey and concrete, a smaller wooden building and a third place inside the factory building. Music from melodic techno to techno and in the wooden building some lounge style of melodic techno. Rolling basses and clean beats following and mixed up. The techno and melodic techno in Sisyphos are the newest in the techno scene. I got inspired by the music. I enjoyed it very much. So for techno and melodic techno music lovers, I recommend you to go clubbing in Sisyphos.

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