I found my way to techno and melodic techno. Before I discovered it, I learned life by experience and music through improvisation and different music styles.

My music lessons started in my youth. At the age of four, I started playing classical music at the piano. I’ve been brought up in a big family, being the second of 13 kids of one father & mother and we all started there until we chose our own instrument. On the flute, I played in the main concert buildings in the Netherlands like Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Doelen in Rotterdam and Vredenburg in Utrecht. I studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, combining it with my law studies at the University of Utrecht.

I started improvising on the piano, saxophone and flute after my studies and a marriage & divorce at a young age. I learned to put emotions in music by improvisation. In this period starting in 2016, I collected a broad experience playing in jamm sessions with gypsy, jazz, pop and dance. In bars, restaurants and also street performances in Granada, Barcelona, Sicily and Amsterdam. I use these experiences in the tracks I produce and the sets I do.

In this time, I discovered techno music. I loved the techno music, the parties and the people I met. I started music production and sound design lessons with Camiel Daamen in 2018. I learned to work with and develop solid beats, raw synths, deep basses and shining melodies by production and DJ’ing. My DJ’ing is ahead of the production, but I will launch some day my own techno tracks.

Now I play in clubs in Amsterdam and my DJ-sets are ready for the festival season. My sets are solid and unique techno and melodic techno. Get a sneak peak at SoundCloud.

I’m hosting NDSM Sessions, giving skilled techno DJ’s a Live Stream Television Broadcast from the old rave bunker at NDSM. In this way bringing together music and art lovers with a live broadcast connection before the clubs open doors each second Saturday from 9pm until 1. DJ’s and bookers can contact me at

Besides this music work, I’m an IP and business lawyer in music, art and entertainment. I’m registered at the Dutch bar for already more than 13 years ( I combine my music studio and law company hosting NDSM Sessions.

When you’re a music lover, DJ or music producer, feel free to drop by in the music and art NDSM district for a coffee, some off the record law advice or some B2B techno DJ-ing. My Pioneers are always ready to be played.